Fire safety is all about protecting people and assets and securing business processes and continuity. Cerberus™ PRO is an intelligent fire protection system for fast, reliable fire detection, alarm signaling and control. Its wide portfolio comprises innovative products with intelligent technology. Multi-criteria detectors with our unique ASAtechnology™ offer advanced signal processing, selectable detection profiles and carbon monoxide life safety detection. This provides superb safety and enhanced protection of people and assets, without the threat of false alarms.
ASAtechnology fire detector OOH941
Dual  optics  (forward/backward light  scattering)  and  dual thermal  sensors Utilizes  ASAtechnology  for excellent  early  detection and  rejection  of  deceptive phenomena More  than  20  selectable detection  profiles UL  listed  as  a  high-sensitivity pre-alarm Meets  NFPA  76  requirement (Telecommunication  Standard) as  a  VEWFD  (Very  Early Warning  Fire  Detector) 8  selectable  temperature settings,  ranging  from  135 °F (57 °C)  to  175 °F  (79 °C) Offers  programmable  options for  fixed  temperature,  rate- of-rise  and  a  selectable “Low  Temperature”  warning should  the  temperature  drop below  40 °F  (4 °C)
Detectors at a glance ASAtechnologyTM – most intelligent and reliable fire detection With advanced signal analysis and 20+ selectable profiles, ASAtechnology detectors provide very fast, highly reliable detection in demanding environments. No False Alarm Guarantee prevents unnecessary downtime and costs caused by false alarms Reliable detection with virtually no false alarms thanks to unique forward and backward light scattering technology and redundant sensors Increased flexibility thanks to 20+ selectable detection profiles and CO detection RoHS-compliant and replacement for ionization detectors make these detectors an environ￾mentally friendly solution Very Early Warning Fire Detectors comply with NFPA 76 (Telecommunication Standard), UL 2075 and NFPA 720
Advanced detectors
ASAtechnology fire and CO detector OOHC941
Identical  features  to  the OOH941,  plus  an  additional CO  sensor Selectable  as  a  multi-criteria addressable  detector,  smoke detector,  heat  detector  or independent  CO  detector Detects  CO-generating  fires as  well  as  CO  independent from  fire Only  one  detector  is  needed for  fire  and  CO  (instead  of two)  to  comply  with  life  safety regulations UL 2075 listed as a CO life safety detector and meets NFPA 720 requirements Provides  field  programmable, customizable  supervisory signals  for  temperature  or CO  levels
Multi-criteria fire detector OH921
Multi-criteria  addressable detector Single  optical  (photoelectric) and  thermal  (heat)  sensor Utilizes detection algorithms for early detection of a wide range of fire signatures Rejects deceptive phenomena that  may  cause  false  alarms –  3  selectable  application  profiles
Standard detectors
Optical (photoelectric) smoke detector OP921
Photoelectric,  light-scattering, addressable  point  detector An economical solution and perfectly suitable for normal commercial applications Operating  temperature  range of  32 °F  (0 °C)  to  120 °F  (49 °C) UL  listed  for  direct  in-duct plenum  usage  (without  a  duct housing)
Thermal (heat) detector HI921
Intelligent  themistor-based heat  detector 8  selectable  temperature settings,  ranging  from  135 °F (57 °C)  to  175 °F  (79 °C) Offers  programmable  options for  fixed  temperature,  rate- of-rise  and  a  selectable “Low  Temperature”  warning should  the  temperature  drop below  40 °F  (4 °C)
Input module FDCIO422
Provides addressable control inputs and outputs simulta- neously 4  inputs  and  4  outputs  that can  be  used  independently Both  class  A  and  B  monitoring are  available
Panels at a glance
Simple to Sophisticated!    No project is too small or too big for Cerberus PRO!
Cerberus DMS
Based on leading technology from Siemens, Cerberus DMS simplifies the centralized monitoring and supervision of your fire and security systems. With its ability to easily integrate technologies like fire safety, and video surveillance, Cerberus DMS helps meet your immediate system needs and accommodate future expansions. Whether you manage a simple fire operation station or a complex industrial site, Cerberus DMS can make your building protection smarter, more efficient and flexible.
Easy to Use and Operate Integrated workflow with one user interface Information sharing between fire and video surveillance systems Enhanced usability and situational awareness with the Node Map Simplified system maintenance with the Macro viewer Simplified event treatment in the event list Connectivity and Scale Remote notification of events via e-mail, SMS and pagers Mobile app connectivity (read only) Remote access via web client (read only) Licensing and hardware options enable Cerberus DMS to grow as the site grows Increased system size, up to 60,000 addressable fire points on a single server or 160,000 addressable fire points on multiple servers
Key Benefits Cerberus DMS compact license available for installations up to 2,000 fire points with option to upgrade to the full version Full command and control capabilities for all Siemens Fire Panels: Cerberus PRO, Cerberus Pro Modular & Legacy Systems Cost-effective monitoring-only solution for Siemens fire panels Discounted software licenses and graphics migration utility for NCC to Cerberus DMS migrations Full video surveillance integration, including live video, recording, playback, and PTZ camera control; and cross discipline workflows such as video verification of fire events Video Surveillance integration compatible with MilestoneXProtect and Siveillance VMS
The FC901 fire control panel is a basic, stand-alone panel. It is an excellent choice to cost-effectively install a simple fire alarm system in a small application. Up to 50 detectors or peripheral devices devices can be connected – from our Cerberus™ PRO family as well as other existing Siemens fire protection systems. Additionally, you will be able to connect future Siemens devices. This makes FC901 a safe and long-term investment.
The basic FC901 is specifically suitable for applications such as: Retail shops Doctor’s offices Dry cleaners Small restaurants Strip malls Banks Small commercial buildings Common features: Max. number of C-NET addresses: 50 Number of integrated C-NET circuits: either one class A or two class B Number of NAC circuits: either one class A or two class B
Cerberus PRO Fire Control Panels
The Cerberus PRO portfolio includes the FC922 fire control panel, which supports up to 252 addressable detectors or devices, and the FC924 which supports up to 504 devices. The goal of fire safety is to protect people and assets while securing business processes and continuity. Cerberus® PRO is an intelligent fire protection system for fast, reliable fire detection, alarm signaling, and control. Its wide portfolio includes innovative products with intelligent technology. Cerberus PRO networkable panels are compatible with Siemens unique multi-criteria detectors featuring ASAtechnology™.  These detectors offer advanced signal processing, selectable detection profiles, and optional carbon monoxide life safety detection. This provides maximum safety and enhanced protection of people and assets, backed by Siemens own No False Alarm Guarantee.
Networkable  panel Connects  up  to  252  devices Optional  releasing  module 2  NACs  expandable  to  4  Application  areas: •  Industrial  buildings/ manufacturing  facilities •  Smaller  hotels •  Data  centers •  Telecommunications •  Power  generation
Networkable  panel Connects  up  to  504  devices Optional  releasing  module 2  NACs  expandable  to  4 Application  areas: •  Shopping  malls •  1-  and  2-floor  office buildings •  Small  industrial  facilities •  Small  hotels •  Data  centers •  Schools •  Libraries
In a Cerberus™ PRO fire protection system, the FT924 networkable fire operating terminal can be installed with the networkable control panels. It provides the same view, control functionalities, and maintenance and reporting capabilities as the networked panels. The FT924 can be conveniently located. For example if a control panel is installed in a hotel lobby, the terminal can be installed where it is inconspicuous and in a more accessible area. This enables quicker reaction in the event of an emergency. The FT924 can also be used as a stand-by operating terminal in the event that a control panel experiences technical difficulties.
Offers  same  view,  control functionalities  and  mainte- nance  and  reporting  capabili- ties  as  control  panels Allows  full  access  to  system controls  and  maintenance  at additional  points  in  a building o In  a  hotel  lobby,  e.g.,  a control  panel  would  be installed  where  it  is  incon- spicuous  and  the  terminal in  a  more  accessible  area
Fire Control Panels with Optional Emergency Communication The Cerberus PRO Intelligent Voice Communication portfolio includes the FV922 control panel, which supports up to 252 addressable detectors or devices, and the FV924, which supports up to 504 devices
Life safety protection goes beyond just fire detection. Small and mid-size facilities may have emergency communication or notification requirements that go beyond the fire-only detection offered by many of the panels sized for their applications. With some systems this can involve the use of horn and strobe appliances or the addition of a separate panel for voice communication. Cerberus PRO Intelligent Voice Communication systems offer another option. Cerberus PRO Intelligent Voice Communication systems consist of intelligent, networkable panels that combine state- of-the-art fire detection, voice communication and mass notification capabilities all in a single enclosure.  Cerberus PRO Intelligent Voice Communication systems are fully compatible with a range of detection options, including ASAtechnology™ advanced detectors, all backed by Siemens own No False Alarm Guarantee. The panels can be networked to other Cerberus PRO Intelligent Voice Communication panels or to Cerberus PRO fire-only control panels, giving customers the flexibility to design a network that meets their needs.
System overview
The Cerberus PRO Modular Cerberus® PRO Modular outpaces industry standards and includes cutting-edge detection and communication capabilities
The Cerberus PRO Modular system adds many new innovative features and capabilities available for the Cerberus PRO fire portfolio including I/O modules with built-in isolation and addressable notification appliance booster (PAD-5). The modular system is programmed, operated, and configured in the exact same manner as the FireFinder XLS and offers seamless migration for MXL. These are just some of the advances in the long-term plan of uniting large and mid-size Cerberus PRO panels on the same platform.
Key Benefits: Class X Isolation I/O Modules with improved performance and reduced power consumption PAD-5 with expanded flexibility in designing multi-floor systems and features like isolator device capability, all NACs have Siemens patented Boost Technology
8-Channel audio system supporting 300 digital messages that exceed government and Mass Notification System (MNS) specifications High-level interface with VESDA Detection Compatible with the full line of detectors and peripherals that meet the latest codes & standards including a 520Hz model Low Frequency detector audible base suitable for sleeping areas
Cerberus PRO modular
SET-MC-CW Speaker Strobe
SET-CW Speaker
SET-W Speaker
SET-MC-R  Speaker Strobe
Cerberus DMS
Sinorix 1230 et 227
Cerberus PRO FC924/924V
Cerberus PRO FC922/922V
Cerberus PRO FC901
SET-MC-CW Speaker Strobe
SET-CW Speaker
SET-W Speaker
SET-MC-R  Speaker Strobe
Notification Appliances Notification Appliances are available for indoor and outdoor applications for both fire and mass notification. Siemens offers a variety of regulated and special application notification appliances in the form of horns, strobes, bells, chimes, speakers and combination appliances. Notification appliances are also available in weatherproof and vandal-resistant models. Strobes are offered in low- intensity and high intensity options. Siemens  is  now  offering  low-frequency  sounder-strobes  to  its  notification-appliances   portfolio.      Formed   as   the `SL’-series,   these   technologically advanced sounder-strobes meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements for recognized sleepingareas within a commercial building: NFPA-72 for fire alarm NFPA-72 for Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm In  a  single  device, the `SL’-series  can  provide alarm-signaling tones for dual applications: Temporal 3 pattern, (T3–FIRE) Temporal 4 pattern,(T4–CO) Additionally, each Model `SL’ sounder-strobe has an advanced, power-saving light-emitting  diode  (LED)technology with  three  (3)  modes  of  520  Hertz operation (for the sounder portion of these notification appliances) – T3–FIRE T4–CO Continuous (coded) dual-sync (T3 / T4) control for FIREand COsignaling
SET –Speakers and Speaker Strobes The Siemens high performance Series SET Speakers and Series SET Speaker Strobes provide high audio output, clear audibility, dual voltage (25/70 VRMS) capa-bility and field selectable taps from 1/8 to 8 watts. They are designed to meet the critical needs of the life safety industry for effective emergency voice communications, tone signaling and visible signaling to alert the hearing impaired. Fast installation with In / Out screw terminals using #12 to #18 AWG wires High-efficiency design for maximum output at minimum wattage across a frequency range of 400 to 4000Hz Field-selectable taps for 25 or 70 VRMS operation from 1/8 Watt to 8 Watts Strobes can be synchronized using the Siemens DSC sync modules; the Siemens 50-point, 252-point and 504-point fire alarm control panels (FACPs), as well as with: o FireFinder® XLS andMXL® FACPs o PAD-3 or PAD-4™ NAC Extenders with built-in sync protocol
Sinorix 227 Detection, Suppression and Protection within Seconds! As a waterless fire extinguishing system, Sinorix 227 instantly squelches a fire before it becomes large enough to activate the sprinkler system. This protects critical assets and valuable items inside the building - from fire as well as damage caused by water. It’s an innovative and intelligent solution, with incorporatedfeatures that deliver peace-of-mind: Clean, non-toxic, EPA-approved gas is safe for occupants Prevents damage to sensitive equipment, data or other invaluable items Environmentally friendly agent can help achieve LEED EB credits when replacing HALON system Instantaneous and effective Small footprint requires little space Long usability and long term storage Sinorix 1230 Innovative, Intelligent and Environmentally Friendly Sinorix 1230 is an innovative solution that reduces the risk of fire damage in critical applications, sensitive equipment areas, and at museums or archives holding rare and invaluable collections. The Sinorix 1230 solution is based on a long-term, sustainable technology that has one of the highest safety margins in the industry and ensures quick and reliable extinguishing without a negative impact on the environment. It utilizes 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid, an environmentally friendly extinguishing agent, that is safe at design concentrations, effective, and not subject to regulatory restrictions or phase out. Extinguishing via its cooling effect, Novec 1230 fluid works as a gas, yet it is a liquid at room temperature.
Extinguishing and suppression Protecting what matters. Extinguish the fire to protect people and places. Nowadays, everyone relies on having access to data, being connected and having continuous power. They are the backbone of modern life. And that’s exactly what our extinguishing solutions protect. Besides that they also protect irreplaceable assets such as ancient books, art work or documents. The extinguishing offering is part of our fire safety offering. It provides you with automated, intelligent and integrated fire protection for people, processes, assets and the environment. There is only one chance to protect what matters. In case of a fire, seconds count – earliest and reliable fire detection, leading people out of the danger zone and initiating extinguishing are of utmost importance. But it is not only essential to react quickly and efficiently, but also that any damage to costly and sensitive equipment can be kept to a minimum. For that it is essential to have a reliable solution tailored to the individual requirements. Protecting the backbone of modern society – power, data, connectivity and even the irreplaceable – is what matters. Whether your company is small or large, it’s crucial to keep people, mission critical areas, business processes as well as high- value and irreplaceable assets safe. Because when you feel protected you can concentrate on your tasks, be creative, be productive and successful. With Siemens, you get advanced, easy to install extinguishing solutions – fully integrated into a complete fire protection concept. They are based on decades of know-how and experience and are tailored to the specific risks of fire and challenges.