SerCAB evolution series Your company has invested thousands, if not millions, of dollars to provide IT equipment to meet the growing demands of your day. So you need an affordable and versatile solution for storage of this equipment, able to adapt to your evolution. This solution must allow you to act quickly to keep up with the fast pace of the business world. Features: Several storage solutions that can accommodate your computer equipment. A range of additions to gradually upgrade the base unit through options such as cable management, ventilation or air conditioning as well as fire detection and extinguishing, security control and monitoring systems of the environment.
The SerCAB 1 Introductory Model is a cost-effective and flexible installation for IT equipment storage. Value-added options make it easy to optimize the cabinet to meet your future needs.
The SerCAB 2, an extension of the SerCAB1 model, uses the air conditioning of the room and applies the principle of suction blowing via a dedicated path to eliminate heat.
The SerCAB 3, featuring an integrated air conditioner and ready to receive a fire detection and extinguishing system, is an alternative to the traditional computer room.
Maximize your efficiency by combining SerCAB units with one or more UPS systems to eliminate the impact of power outages or disturbances. SerCAB products can easily be moved when moving or renovating. Also a short or long term rental service. Expert Team offers tailor-made solutions for your work environment and can recommend the best options according to the evolution of your installation. The one-year warranty offered by Stanex, a leader in fire protection and power distribution, as well as 24/7 service, allows you to sleep with the spirit quiet.
It has all the features of a conventional cabinet while having the flexibility to become a fully protected unit when your budget allows it or the need arises.
The dual filter fan system draws air at a rate of 500 cfm, while the exhaust fans expel the air to the outside, for a total of about 8 air exchanges per minute.
Available for rental as well as for purchase, the SerCAB 3 is a turnkey solution designed for your needs. SerCAB 3 allows your business to continue day-to-day operations on an ongoing basis.
SerCab 1
SerCab 2
SerCab 3