Electricity powers our lives. From turning on the lights and charging our phones in our homes to powering major businesses, we all use electricity. All of our electrical systems use power panels to distribute the electricity around to where it is needed. This is where the problem starts. All of our electrical instruments share the power and interact with one another creating dirty power. Cleanvolt technology has the ability to greatly reduce the interaction and the dirty power from your electrical system making it more efficient overall. An electrical environment without dirty power gives your electrical instruments a chance at lasting their intended lifes SOLUTIONS FOR EVERY LINE OF BUSINESS Residential Commercial Agricultural Industrial Institutional How does it work? The fundamental purpose of a surge protection device (varistor technology) is to attract energy surges and dissipate them so that no harm is done to the connected equipment that is associated with that varistor protection device. The issue with most surge protection technology is the limitations of the MOV’s that are primarily used in their design, which does not reduce energy surges to an acceptable level that the equipment manufacturers require for optimal equipment lifespan and reliable operation (+/- 10% of RMS). When CLEAN-VOLT TM  is installed in the same scenario, it becomes a more effective path of least resistance for energy surging events. CLEAN- VOLT TM  patented varistor technology has the ability to react within the fundamental waveform and attract the damaging energy surges within the electrical system. Most varistors have a certain threshold and when they meet that threshold they degrade, making them less efficient over time to the point that they no longer have the capacity to protect your system properly. CLEAN-VOLT TM patented varistor has the ability to withstand years of surge abuse, and still operate as an effective catastrophic surge protection device while keeping daily surge events to within acceptable levels of equipment specifications. WHAT MAKES CLEAN~VOLT™ DIFFERENT? CLEAN~VOLT™ uses a unique varistor technology that gives it the ability to handle large volumes of energy combined with industry leading connection speeds. In recent times this reaction level was called clamping, but now the term more commonly used is VPR (voltage protection rating). Tests for reaction time are represented by a half cycle waveform of 120v RMS. The “peak voltage” would be 169v representing one full half waveform, not to be confused with the Full waveform (peak to peak 338v). Best performance levels found with other surge protection devices pre-fusing mandate was clamping of 330v on the half cycle 120v RMS waveform. Since fusing to keep the end user safe from fires, these clamping levels are now referred to as VPR and range from 600v – 900v on a 120v RMS half cycle wave form. NEMA has determined that 80% of the surge dynamics in your electrical system are created within the “peak voltage”. In addition, equipment manufactures state within their owners manuals “Connected equipment has a 10% +/- tolerance of RMS voltage”. These are 2 main reasons you require an SPD that has the ability and robust nature to be able to participate within these levels without degradation. The difference between CLEAN~VOLT™ and other surge protection devices begin with the varistor. CLEAN~VOLT™ uses a patented varistor technology atypical of ‘MOV’s’. In the event of a surge above 132v on a 120v (RMS), CLEAN~VOLT™ acts as a path of least resistance for the surge dynamics that try to enter the system or are generated within the system. This affords your system an acceptable environment for your electronics & electrical devices to operate. CLEAN~VOLT™ attracts surge dynamics with no degradation from day to day operation, unless the discharge threshold is exceeded within an 8 x 20 micro pulse waveform during a large catastrophic event (determined by CSA original C62.1 lightning arrester standards). In the event of a catastrophic surge, CLEAN~VOLTs™ patented varistor is designed to pass enormous amounts of surge energy as a lightning arrester. As an added benefit to our extremely fast acting technology that was built in originally to keep tolerance levels of 10% +/- RMS during a catastrophic event, this same speed has shown to improve power quality. With the amount of electronics we rely on for our efficiency and automation strategies, energy surging has been and continues to be a compounding problem. The electrical community has been led to believe that surge protection technology has no effect on power quality. That is a correct statement. How can you impact power quality if your SPD does not participate within the fundamental waveform. CLEAN-VOLT TM  is designed to dissipate an over-voltage event. Our technology neither contains nor uses internal fusing, and can actually provide the critical seconds needed for your system to shut down and prevent further damage. This way, you have an electrical system that can be re-initialized and operational with minimal or no damage at all. CLEAN-VOLT TM     Was approved as a Type 1 Surge Protection Device     Has the Surge Arrester Certification by CSA     Was tested and certified without an internal fuse by Underwriters Laboratories     Has the lowest connected clamping ability in the industry, keeping levels within the parameters of the connected equipment (+/- 10% of RMS)     Has a response time of a nanosecond when installed with six inch leads     Uses a patented technology that makes our varistors incredibly stable and robust     Has proven test results with Dranetz HDPQ Power Quality Analyzer     Offers a 25-year warranty, 1 time replacement warranty